Friday, September 30, 2011

Handouts for CASP Law & Ethics October 2011

Here is the standard handout.

Law & Ethics Handout

I also provide some follow-up commentary on the issues regarding a parents right to access records and test publishers rights to proprietary test security, with several links, at a previous blog post.



  1. The CASP description of the Ethics course said that you would be covering the many recent changes in both federal and state special education regulations in order to provide psychologists with information on the latest developments in the recently reauthorized IDEA, and practical advice and specific examples on how to effectively implement IDEA requirements in order to ensure compliance with the regulations while meeting the needs of students with disabilities. I don't recall hearing this or seeing it on the handouts. Am I missing a page?

  2. I do apologize if there was a mismatch between what was advertised and what was delivered. I will review this concern with CASP to ensure that there will be no confusion in the future.

    The focus of the presentation was to meet the Continuation Education Unit credit requirements for both the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and the National Association of School Psychologists' Nationally Certified School Psychologist mandates.

    If you provide me with a specific topic that you were expecting to have had covered, I will be more than happy to provide more follow-up and resources.

    Please note that I just posted more resources on the age of consent for services issue.