Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reminder - The Blog is for General Education Purposes Only

I just wanted to run a quick reminder about the nature of the blog.

I do solicit questions for general blog topics.

I do have to apologize for being behind in my posting.
It is the "I am behind on everything time of year."

I have about three posts working in my head.

However, I have received a burst of personally-focused emails lately.

To that end,  I want to respond to a few things.
#1 - If you are in any amount of crisis, despair, or trouble get help right away!
I don't check my emails often, but even if I did, I am no replacement for a live face-to-face conversation with a loved one or professional.

#2 - I skim emails for content and basic information.
Real-world problem-solving requires some serious work.
I don't want anything that I say on the blog or emails to feel like specific advice.
It is not.

As a public service announcement, here is the California Board of Behavioral Sciences advice on online therapy...
which I don't and won't do.


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