Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm back

It has been a hectic few months... new job, moving, finding child-care, a nasty case of bronchitis.
I am ready to get back online.
I don't have any posts ready to publish yet, but I would like to foreshadow the two that I am working on....

1. A comparison of special education in poor versus affluent areas.

2. My incomplete, but still authoritative, guide to state spending education dollars with less WITHOUT hurting student outcomes.

Until then, check out my two book recommendations.

1. Because I am in the middle of preparing two DIFFERENT presentations for CASP next week.
A - An introduction to No Child Left Behind for School Psychologists.
B - The ethics CEU course for the Nationally Certified School Psychologists and Board of Behavioral Science Licensees.

I have been reading:

2. Because I have been meeting a lot of new parents of children with ADHD, my favorite resource recommendation is:

I look forward to getting some information out.

As always, my preferred posts are answering your questions!

You can also check out one of my less read posts, but one that I feel is relevant to a lot of questions that I get in the real world.
Check out 

The Absence of Bad Does Not Equal the Presence of Good.


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