Saturday, November 20, 2010

Call for Questions

Life has been very hectic lately.

I will explain soon enough.

However, I am running out of questions/topics.

I have three left right now.

  • Why does it take so long to get an assessment?
  • How do you deal with school refusal?
  • What is the Universal Design of Learning?
Once I get back into the swing of writing, I want to make sure that I write about things that people want to know about.

Please, please, PLEASE!
Send me your questions or topic suggestions.


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  1. How do you teach a student with ADD to have initiative in areas that do not interest them but are crucial?

  2. Is ADHD a learned behavior? Is it simply a result of the society and culture that one growns up in? Are we "training" our kids to have ADHD?

    If you would like to answer this as a guest post on our blog we would welcome that idea as well.

    Allen (TIC)

  3. Wow! No light-weight, training-wheel questions from this group!

  4. What are the most effective ways to help ELL students? Especially students coming in from war areas (such as Burma) with no schooling experience and are dealing with culture shock? What is the best way to meet their unique set of needs in a classroom? How can a school district prepare itself and the community to meet the needs in the school for these families?